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Worlds Imagined

Year: 2020

Medium: Digital photographic image and cyanotype print

Dimension: Determinable, cyanotype print (H) 29.7cm x (W) 42cm


My mind is a boundless place where my thoughts, emotions, memories, fantasies and utopia lies. A place where I seek refuge in seemed like a distant world to others that they will never be able to access and thoroughly understand. Who I am in reality may not be who I am in my utopia.

I put up a tough front to conceal my soft self because society has taught and shape me to look all tough and strong and that it is not okay to show vulnerability. Over time, I begin to yearn for the understanding of others yet I don't give the opportunity to someone else to have a snippet to my utopia.

If I had given the opportunity to people to see a snippet of my utopia, would it make me be more transparent about my genuine self in reality? 

Here’s an invitation to my utopia.

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