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Transitional Spaces: Singapore

Study pieces with actual installation spacing.

Scaled down space rendition of installation piece.

Year: 2019

Medium: Chiffon and Projector

Dimension: Without Stands (H x W) 40” x 49”, 

55” x 29”, 67” x 45.5”



This piece of work is a representation of the spaces in the past, present, and future in Singapore are temporal.

As we dwell in the contradictories in the context of the images, we can discern the negotiation between natural and urban spaces.


In Singapore, we are always moving from one place to another. Due to the fast-moving pace and the ever-growing human population, Singapore is constantly changing to maximize space for urban life. 


The negotiation of sustaining the natural spaces is a never-ending struggle. Urban spaces are continually needed to cater to everyone and these spaces are always in transition, continuously upgrading and have new functions for each self.

With natural spaces giving way to urban spaces due to the development of the country, it is a unique problem to Singapore. Places with an abundance of landmasses like Switzerland and Norway do not have such a problem.

Hence the spaces we see today in Singapore may not exist in a few years. 

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